Friday, January 17, 2014


I thought I was done with that expression when I quite the corporate world over a year ago.  
This week has been kind of hectic though with deadlines, and few more hours than usual at my from-home-contract-job.  

I escaped for an hour this morning to get a few groceries.  I pulled into the parking lot, 

crossed the road on my walk to the town square, past my sister's cafe - Kokomo's. 

I stopped to say hi but didn't eat there... I am really, really trying to eat healthier (and I already had breakfast).  But I think she has to wipe the drool off of her bakery case when I leave.

Strolled over to the farmer's market to grab a few veggies. 

The Flagler Farmer's Market has been around since 1979 and is open every Friday and Saturday.  Besides great deals on fresh and organic veggies, there is fresh local caught seafood, citrus, baked goods, jams, local honey, pottery, baskets, jewelery... a little something for everyone.  Parking isn't always great, but it's worth the trip.  Go early, then visit Kokomo's for the best coffee around. 

I even found some new pillows for "Breezin".
Forgive the pictures - all I had was the phone

Tomorrow is Saturday and I will be packing up "Breezin" for a quick trip on Monday, hooray! I'll be testing out my work from the campground theory.
Have a great weekend…

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