Canine Companions

Update - June 2014
You can have the dog bed on the floor... I'm cozy right here, thank you!

Meet my hiking and traveling companions...
 Grace and Dillon are Australian Shepherds.  Grace has been with me since she was 8 weeks old and Dillon was rescued when he was about two.

Hard to believe they are both 9 years old this year!


Well, it's hard to tell Grace is 9 years old anyway.  She is the first one at the door and up for an adventure any time.  She still loves fetch and frisbee and going new places.  She sometimes pays for it the next day when she plays too hard, but she hates to slow down.

Dillon is a little bit of a couch potato and not quite as adaptable but still likes to go.

They are both great in the car, and have their spots staked out in the Airstream.  Dillon's is under the dinette table.

Dillon wearing his "shades", ready for a trip to the beach
Grace resting after a game of frisbee

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