Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I shoulda' known better

Memorial Weekend

My destination in Ohio is the Airstream Factory and an event known as Alumapalooza.  But before we get there on Tuesday I need a home for the holiday weekend.  So... in all my infinite wisdom, I booked a site at a nearby state park a few months ago.

Indian Lakes State Park is an 800-acre multi-use park on the banks of the 5,800-acre Indian Lake.  It offers a variety of water-related and other recreation.  There is boating, fishing, skiing, camping, playgrounds, trails and even a BMX area.   There are 500 camping sites plus cabins.  It is the first weekend after school is out for the summer.

Do you see where this is going yet???

Every single available campsite is booked.  They are all about 10 feet apart.  Each site has a large camper and a tent or two.  There are a minimum of 53.2 children per site.  Each child has a bicycle, or a skateboard.  Each parent has a golf cart.  I get 10 points for near-miss of a child on a bike trying to back into my camping spot for the weekend.  42 golf carts are waiting for me to get out of the road so they can get by.  I throw my keys to the macho man-child who saunters up to the truck window to see if he can help me out... "Be my guest".  I never do this but it has been a long day that started with me driving off with the rear stabilizers down.   I've been through Louisville, downtown Cincinnati and Dayton on the way here.   I get out and join the 42 golf cart drivers in staring at the truck.  I smile when it takes him three tries and he doesn't even get the extra points for almost nailing a bike rider.  I thank the man-child, he leaves, and I enjoy an adult beverage to recover from the trauma.  The weekend has begun!
The lake has a dog beach and Grace is in heavaen - no gators and new friends to make

Stay tuned for the rest of our weekend adventures!

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