Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Onward to Ohio

Our next stop on the way to Ohio was in Kentucky at Mammoth Caves National Park for a quick overnight.  I didn't go into the caves (I have Grace with me and I've been there before) but there is still a lot to do at this park even if caves aren't your thing.  

In typical National Park fashion, you can visit the giant dinosaurs or sleep in a tepee on the way into the park.  There are also several other cave systems.  You could choose to zipline, canoe or kayak on the Green River, visit an Australian animal park or the American Cave Museum or visit Munfordville for some Civil War history.

The Park itself also has an extensive Bike/Hike trail system that is quite nice.  A nice long walk was just the right thing after a morning drive.  

There are quite a few ranger-led programs, and a gift shop where I acquired a new sticker  for Breezin's door.   I would have like to have had a few days in the area to explore, but needed to continue north...
I love the south in the spring!

Seriously... do you want a book about mosquitos??

Around the visitors center

After an uneventful night, it was time to move on to our next destination...

This sweet beauty was parked next to us when we woke up this morning!

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