Monday, May 25, 2015

The Friends and Family Plan

Old Stone Fort State Park

Following Fall Creek Falls, Grace and I headed out for Old Stone Fort State Archeological Park in Manchester, TN.  A short drive through some beautiful country.

This would be our home for the next two weeks while we caught up with kids and grandkids and friends. 

The Old Stone Fort is a prehistoric Native American structure.  Most likely built between 80 and 550 AD during the Middle Woodland period.  Native Americans used this area continuously for about 500 years, eventually leaving it abandoned.  The park's museum consists of displays of prehistoric Native American replicas as well as dioramas and photos. The exhibits provide information on the theories regarding the enclosure's builders, archaeological excavations at the site and the culture of its builders.  There are some great walking trails with small waterfalls and access to the Duck River.  According to the website, the main hiking trail follows the wall of Old Stone Fort which was used by the Native Americans as a ceremonial gathering place.  You can see the original entrance of the fort which was designed to face the exact spot on the horizon where the sun rises during the summer solstice.
Our campsite for the visit.  Sites are small, but private

Waterfalls along the Duck River

Grace is loving water with no alligators!

Maureen ("Momo" ) and I enjoyed several hikes
Just one, please...

Got to visit with my brother John, and see his soon to be completed new restaurant

Watched granddaughter Vera graduate from 5th grade up to middle school next year... how did that happen!??  She is such a beautiful young lady.

And had a lovely dinner with these lovely ladies.... it was great to catch up with good friends.  Miss you guys!

After two weeks it was time to leave for our next destination....
Farewell Tennessee.... until next time

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