Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Blah Week

No post last week because, frankly, last week kind of sucked!  It was dreary, cold and rainy to start with... then I woke up to no lights in the front half of the house.  A few days later, and a lot of $$$ later, a wire that had been nicked in a former owner repair was replaced, the wall in the garage re-drywalled and we were back in business.  Then I had to deal with getting an estimate on repairs to The Dude (the vehicle that tows Breezin' on her adventures).  During our last trip to Silver Springs, something flew off a passing truck and broke off the radio antenna, left a small ding or two in the hood and broke the windshield.  The windshield was fixed last week, but I have to take the truck in for a few days to get the hood and antenna fixed.

The good news is - the wire just shorted out the lights and didn't burn the house down and I have auto insurance to handle most of the truck repair.  The glass is always half full if you keep things in perspective.

I've been trying to improve my picture taking and get away from "auto" mode on my camera.  Grace and Dillon will be really glad when the weather improves and I can find other subjects to take pictures of instead of them!

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