Tuesday, February 18, 2014

At least the dogs have retired....

You'd think with all this gorgeous sunshine we've had the past few days that I would have a LOT to write about... I don't.

It occurred to me this morning, that the only ones in this team of three that have really retired are Grace and Dillon, my canine companions.  They wake each morning to a quick trip outside, someone (me!) serves them breakfast, then it's back to lounging while I toll away.  They stay inside in the A/C except when nature calls or Grace dumps the slobbery ball in my lap enough times to get me outside for a game of fetch.  I do my hair with supplies from Wal-Mart;  they have 'beauty' appointments at the local Petsmart.  The rest of the day, they guard the front door in case anyone is brave enough to use 'their' street.  Meanwhile I take conference calls shut in the back room (in case Grace decides to tell someone off for walking down her street.) Heaven forbid the UPS driver has a delivery and actually comes to the porch!  At night, I clean the 'dog art' off the front door so they have a clear view to guard the next day.
Rough life!

Guarding the door

I did manage to stroll around the Fine Arts festival on Sunday, and enjoy dinner with my mom, sister and brother-in-law... Grace and Dillon had to stay home!
Great day for a bike ride!

Dinner at the beach

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