Saturday, June 7, 2014

Goodbye Friend... Ruby has a new home

I know it's silly to be sad over an inanimate object, even one as cool as Ruby.  But it was bittersweet when she pulled out of the storage facility on the way to her new home this week.
Ruby the T@B parked at her new home!
When I moved to Florida, I thought I was done with camping...  I had just sold the farm and the horses; and the dually and horse trailer.

Big Bubba the truck and horse trailer
the barn
The farm house

 While I adjusted okay to not riding (I will always miss it), I had to have a way to get back outside. Enter the T@B trailer.  If I couldn't ride and camp, I could at least still camp!

We explored the Florida state parks, took in a rally, went back to Tennessee to visit family and even made our way to a couple of national parks.  I had a blast, I was back outside, I was hiking and camping and it made the move easier.

I loved the T@B, but with two big dogs I just needed a little bit more floor space.   So last fall I moved to the Airstream Sport.  Not much bigger, but just enough that I don't trip over the dogs trying to get to the door.  I love the airstream and I'm happy I made the switch, although I miss how easy the T@B was to manuever.  I've had to get better at lining up the hitch and I can't swing the 'stream around to capture the best view from the front door!  

Ruby has gone to a good home and it was time for someone else to enjoy her as much as I did.

Now, time to pack up Breezin' and get back on the road! 

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