Saturday, May 31, 2014

Storage Solution - a little bling for Breezin'

One of the biggest storage issues I've had with the airstream is where to put my clothes for longer trips.  Because of the curved walls, the overhead storage in the Sport model is very limited... even rolled I can't seem to make things stay on the shelves!

On the last trip, I used packing cubes that I had left over from my corporate days of travel. These worked well to hold my clothes but by the end of the week ended up spread out all over the bed and stuffed in the corners.

The closet is very deep, but narrow and really needs some shelves to make it usable.  And I'd rather have that as kitchen and pantry storage once I do get shelves put in.

On a trip to IKEA last week, I stopped at the Container Store on the way home and found these great totes for storage.

These are coated fabric over a metal frame that folds flat when not in use; with a handle on each side and even an area for labeling if you are so inclined.  This is the medium size.  I choose the red to match, but they also come in a brown paisley or in plain beige canvas that would be fun to decorate yourself.

Hopefully this will keep me a little more organized on the next trip.

They zip closed and also velcro to keep the contents clean and secured

This has 8 t-shirts, 2 pj's and all my socks and undies for a week and still has room to add more

Best of all, they fit perfect under the bed... I even had room for a basket for shoes stored on top.  I can turn them the other way if I need to clear room in front of the furnace.


  1. Those look great Deb! I gotta see if there's a Container Store in Charlotte. I'd love to see what the brown paisley and canvas ones look like. Have a great time with the Sistahs in the Smokies. Tell everyone I said "hi".

    1. Thanks Sharon! I had such a mess going at BRR, I had to do something. You can also order them off their website - search fabric storage box. Safe travels!