Friday, May 23, 2014

A trip to the (RV) Doctor

I took Breezin' in for some minor warranty work this week - nothing serious, but I also wanted a couple of changes before the next trip.  My closest dealer is about 100 miles away - all on pretty county or state routes, a nice drive.

Someone (uh, me) made the appointment for 8AM!  The day started out early around 5am driving to the storage area and hooking up in the dark.

Two repairs required parts they didn't have -- I'll have to go back in a few weeks.  I've got a little bit of corrosion started on the grab handle by the door (the downside of living close to the beach) and the sensor on the gray water tank does not work (don't ask me how I know this!!)

I had them do a few minor mods - a new Oxygenics shower head and a clothesline in the wet bath.  And the more important one - an extra battery!  My next trip includes 4 days of dry camping in the Smokies so I'm happy about having the extra battery power.  I just have to save for some portable solar panels.!

I'm also looking for some of these LED bulbs, so if you know of a source less than the price of a new car, please let me know!

Had a great breakfast at The Flying Biscuit in Gainesville with a friend while I waited for all this to be done.  I highly recommend the Veggie Scramble!

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