Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Where to begin... Blue Ridge Rally 2014

I gave up trying to post from the mountains... after struggling with an internet signal for work some of each day, I didn't have the energy for posting photos :-)  Besides, I was having a great time!  I'll try to catch you up,,,


was the official start of the Blue Ridge Rally and our last rainy day.
I attended my first rally last year with my T@B, but this was the 7th year for this T@B rally that has evolved to include R-PODs,  MyPods, Teardrops, T@Gs and several Airstreams (including Breezin').   Incredibly beautiful country, and one of the best organized rallies ever.  Judy and I started the day with lunch in Jefferson for some North Carolina Barbecue at When Pigs Fly.

Meet and Greet

Wednesday ended with a meet and greet with everyone in their favorite Life is Good t-shirt and the nightly campfire


morning we started off with SUNSHINE and breakfast at Rodie's Parkway Restaurant.  Eggs, bacon, waffle or biscuits and gravy, and coffee for $5.  Next door is a fabulous craft store where I spent way too much money.  Next stop Blue Ridge Parkway for some sight seeing...more to follow!

Breakfast with friends

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