Friday, May 16, 2014

Another week at the casa..

I love spring...but not necessarily the home ownership part of it!  Managed to get the hedges trimmed so you could tell I have windows in the front of the house again; put bug stuff on the lawn so I can walk outside without getting attacked and made an appointment for next week to take the airstream in for some minor warranty stuff and maybe a mod or two (I'd really like a second battery and a small inverter, oh and an Oxygenic's shower head) before her next trip.

Trying to start plowing through the inside of the house... I HATE housework so I either tend to ignore it or get into all out "toothbrush mode".  If you don't know what that means, feel blessed... it's an affliction.

It's been crazy hot and humid here until yesterday when it rained buckets.  A cool front moved in and it feels glorious outside!  No more excuses for not washing the outside of the truck and the airstream. That's my weekend plan, what's yours?

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