Thursday, January 15, 2015

15 Minutes of Fame

I was scrolling through Airforum posts on the Canopener rally this morning when I discovered the rally was also the subject of a blog from RV-A-GOGO (full-timers whose blog I follow).  Of course I had to skip over there and read the latest post... Breezin's little red table decoration was there in the middle of the blog, snapped during our open house on Saturday.

A friend and blogger I follow - Postcards from the Road, featured a post with some Airstream info this week, and there at the bottom of the post was a very nice stylized picture of Breezin' !

A T@bber friend does this incredible job with doodling/painting shoes and hobo bags depicting scenes of camping life...  Get ready Crystal, because you just officially crossed over into Airstream fame as well, hope you have your pens and paints ready :-)

Breezin' has enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame.... and his owner has had a pretty good time the last couple of weeks as well!

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