Friday, March 28, 2014

Inside Breezin'

I just have to post again this week... not that I have anything profound to share.  No, it's just that I can't stand looking at that dog picture every time I open my blog:-)  What was I thinking?  It seemed funny at the time and certainly more entertaining than real pictures of Grace not feeling well!

Someone asked to see pictures of the inside of Breezin' - so here they are.  I don't have a wide-angle lens so they are not the best but you get the idea.

Went to check on her and start reorganizing for our trip..

The dullness you see on her roof is pollen!  In need of a bath...

Looking into the sleeping area - door on the left is the wet bath

Dinette area

Dinette in 'couch' position, ready for travel
Bed area - small closet on right
My kitchen

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