Sunday, March 9, 2014

Time for a Change... and more flowers

As close as I could get -- wish I would have had a longer lens to get closer!

Shell Game

Air plants hanging from the tree - neat idea
Can you believe it's daylight savings time already?  Wish the weather would catch up a little.  I LOVE having an extra hour of sunlight, not so much when it's cold and gloomy.

Am I boring you to tears with flower pictures yet?  Saturday was sunny after several cold days so I headed to Orlando today to visit Leu Botanical Gardens.  Beautiful place and a good way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Some more flower pictures follow -- I swear I'll have some actual Airstream travel to talk about soon.  I'm waiting for the weather to clear north of here to head out.  Camping in Florida in the winter is a lovely thing, but you have to plan in advance, there are very few (if any) campsites open on the weekends.  They are filled with snowbirds escaping the northern climate.

Leu Botanical Gardens


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I'm just an amateur (inherited my dad's Canon) and just starting to learn how my camera works. Your photos are very inspiring.

  2. Wow -- thank you so much Lynn. I'm still very novice so I really appreciate the feedback. I shoot with a Nikon and am having a blast learning.