Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Little Bit of This and That

I missed my weekly post last week. But truthfully, it's been pretty quiet around here and not a lot of interesting going on. Grace was sick last week.  A trip to the vet, a few antibiotics, and quite a few dollars later she was back to her old self.  I swear she knows when I am saving for a trip!  Spent the rest of the week working and crossing things off the to-do list (like taxes, which I hate).
No - this isn't Grace, but I wish I had taught her to do this!
The T@B trailer is washed and waxed and ready for sale
(please feel free to pass that along if you know anyone looking).  I spent a little time getting Breezin' ready for a road trip but most of that will happen next week.

We've not had the cold weather that the rest of the country seems to be locked in the grip of, but we have our own weird weather phenomena here...
I swear, this is true-- this is what my car looks like!
Now time to start planning for a trip to visit my granddaughters and watch some softball.  I am SO looking forward to seeing them again.

Hopefully, I'll get out with the camera this weekend.  Have a great week!

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